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American English TEFL

TEFL Certification

Do you want to get paid to live, travel, and work in a foreign country? We can help!  


American English tefl is a culturally responsive tefl certification program, that will help you gain the skills necessary to be successful in the real world of teaching in linguistically and culturally diverse communities.


For us, equity is not just a slogan, but a movement. We are a telf certification program with a purpose.  


Through our program, you will learn how to teach English equitably and change the world by combating language discrimination and changing perceptions of language variety globally.

Together we can change the world, together we can make a difference.
-Eric Filler

Explore, Make a Difference,  Become an International Teacher

Getting TEFL certified is the first step in embarking on your international teaching career, and the key to opening doors to get paid to travel to a country you've dreamed of, not just being a tourist, but authentically exploring new cultures, and the perfect opportunity to learn a new language. 


We prepare you to earn your tefl certification by providing you access to our online classroom with research-based video lessons, activities, projects, exams, and more. 


Once you have completed your course classwork we will take you through our culturally responsive training practicum where you will gain the skills to make a difference. 

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Culturally-Effective Speakers Workshop

The Workshop For Multicultural Communities

The political climate of today has resulted in a polarization that has caused effective communication to deteriorate amongst community members.

This workshop is designed to bring culturally and linguistically diverse individuals together by transforming language to produce culturally-effective speakers.


Effective communication is necessary in order to cooperate and transcend our differences, and we here at American English TEFL believe that every individual deserves to speak and be heard. That's why we created this workshop to help individuals speak without fear of saying the wrong thing and being heard by people they may believe will not listen. 

This workshop empowers individuals in culturally and linguistically diverse environments to express themselves without fear of being misunderstood. 

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how this workshop can bring your diverse community, workplace, or organization closer, and stronger.



Exclusive Free
Top-Notch Masterclass

Elevate your Students' English

The ultimate masterclass to learn how to leverage confidence to help your students become fluent English speakers.

This class covers:


1.The top 5 things that are holding your students back from accomplishing their English speaking goals. 


2. The 3 things successful students do to boost their confidence and become fluent in English so that they never feel embarrassed about their language abilities, unheard, or unable to express their true self ever again.

3. The 4 part framework that will help your students start shifting their English skills from their current level to fluency. 

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